What it takes to master the art and science of functional training.
Are you a personal trainer, performance coach or fitness enthusiast who wants to understand the world of functional training? 

Do you want to know how to incorporate tools like kettlebells, battle ropes and functional bags into your workouts in a purposeful way? 

Are you looking for a logical, comprehensive and road-tested guide to functional movement and fitness?

Dan and Tarek, co-founders of the Functional Training Institute, have created the Adaptive Functional Training System for those wanting to go deeper into the world of functional training. Stemming from years of research and compiled by industry experts who have tested and integrated these methods into the real world of fitness.
Tarek and Dan are the co-founders of the Functional Training Institute.
They have grown FTI to a global organisation, teaching and equipping
thousands of coaches in the process. Our vision is to maximise the
impact of coaches globally. 
Purpose Driven Movement will show you how to:
  •  Coach with purpose by building a strong coaching vision, mindset and technique
  •  Assess with purpose by understanding how to detect, correct and prevent poor movement patterns and injury
  •  Move with purpose by progressing through the 5 Pillars of Functional Training, which showcase the key functional movements and tools
  •  Program with purpose by taking a structured but flexible approach to exercise planning and selection in service of your goals
James Earls, Author of born to Walk
“Common sense has arrived in the world of functional training - the authors have distilled their years of experience into a guide that delivers a tiered approach to training backed up with quality input from researchers, industry leaders and coaches. 'Purpose Driven Movement' gives the personal trainer a comprehensive guide on how to ensure an intelligent progression from assessment, through skill and strength development, building to complex long-chain movement. A valuable addition to your training library.”
Thomas Plummer, author Soul of a Trainer
"This book ranks up there with the best of Dan John, Mike Boyle and the other great coaches who have changed the way we think about training through their philosophy and writings.

It was written by two true professionals, with decades of experience between them gained the hard way, one slogging mile after another on planes working with fitness professionals in countries most of the rest of us only dream of visiting.

Dan Henderson and Tarek Michael-Chouja, founders of the Functional Training Institute, have earned the right to create this book. There can never be great writing in the fitness business unless the authors have paid their dues working with clients of all levels for a long number of years, and these two have dedicated most of their adult life to changing the world through fitness education, and this book reflects the best of what they have learned.

I started reading this new work late in the day and found myself still reading late into the night. It is well written, thoroughly researched and would be a must have addition to anyone’s bookshelf who calls himself a fitness professional. Simply a great book by a couple of guys who have earned my respect in this business. "
Tom Myers, author of Anatomy Trains
"The careers of too many personal trainers and coaches are way too short. We need more trainers to pass that 5-year mark when they really start to get good at training others. Following the program in this book will avoid many of the pitfalls common to people ‘young' in the training business, and put them on a sustainable path to success."
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